Monitoring and control centralized system for a natural gas transport system point

In the period 2008 – 2009,  Hasel Industrial, has performed under the name “CONTROL AND MONITORING CENTRALIZED SYSTEM SYSTEM  FOR A NATURAL GAS  TRANSPORT SYSTEM POINT” a modern and complex product destined to technical system points functioning automation and monitoring in the natural gas transport networks equipped with electrical, pneumatically or hydro pneumatically  actuating valves. The product contains also HARD equipments and a part of software integrated  in a control and acquisition flexible system, which assures the possibility of an automate control for all the processes developed at the level of a natural gas transport system point.

This system assures the monitoring and centralized local control as well as complete automation of  technological installations which are in a  natural gas transport system point such as: on/off valves, regulation valves, odorization equipments,  installation of a receiving/ starting-up go-devil, methanol injection equipments, gas heating equipments, etc. Also, the system ensures technological parameters ( pressures, temperatures, flows) acquisition , numerical processing and memorizing, facilitating integration of these stations in a SCADA system.

The system was designed in such a way to be easy adapted to different configurations of a technological system point, regardless of  actuating types of the valves and regardless of parameters traducers type and flow meters type used to measure natural gas volumes circulated through system point. Its HARD structure allows inclusively integration in the same monitoring and control installation of some actuators emanated from different producers and from different generations, beginning with simple electromechanically or pneumatically to the smart types with digital communication, in this way an operator who uses this system could have  total and perfect transparent control of all the valves electrically, pneumatically or hydro-pneumatically actuated  from technological unit, using same commands and viewing in the same mode status information for all the types of used valves.  The system could also take over data from any type of parameters traducer, or with unified signal 4-20mA and HART communication protocol, or with exclusively digital communication (Modbus RTU, Profibus DP, Fundation Fieldbus, Lon Works, etc.), being capable to integrate in its structure also wireless communication transducers.

The central element of the product is an acquisition and numerical processing data system which allow information taking over from field instrumentation and commands assurance to the valves through a process computer equipped with a command and monitoring program developed by the specialists from   S.C. Hasel Industrial S.R.L., able to be configured for any structure of natural gas transport technical system point.

Monitoring and control program developed is recorded  at Romanian Office for the author rights since 2009 and it was for the first time implemented at the end of 2009 at Technological System Point Onesti from National Company of natural gas transport Medias. The main characteristics,  command and monitoring possibilities offered by the program are:

Three-dimensional block diagrama. The software has a graphical interface in the form of three-dimensional block diagram, as shown in Fig. 1 process displayed on the computer screen that shows real-time information about position and status of all valves electrically or pneumatically operated valves position of all mechanical (manual) and values of pressures, temperatures and flow rates of gas purchased from instrumentation installed in the station, ensuring at the same time the possibility of ordering the valves with electric or pneumatic the operator through the process computer.

b. The information of the position and status with electric and pneumatic valves and technological parameters values are automatically retrieved by serial data transmission from measuring systems, control and data acquisition and information about the condition and position of valves with mechanical control (manual) can be introduced by the operator from the process computer keyboard using custom user names and passwords.

c. The program allows the operator to view the same screen all the necessary information technology node control and the possibility of execution of orders, aperture, stop, for valves with electric or pneumatic directly from the process computer by using passwords and user names will be chosen later by the beneficiary.

d. Any maneuver performed on valves with electric or pneumatic via graphical interface is stored with the time of execution and user name, and if the maneuver is not the computer, but by the electric or pneumatic local memorizing the when done little to change the position of the valve. Also, any change made in the block diagram displayed on the position of the valves with mechanical control (manual) is stored together with its performance and user name.

e. The program enables the generation of reports with time-history events chosen by the customer.

f. For technological node technological parameters (P, T, Q, etc.) may be in evolution graphs with time intervals chosen by the customer.

g. It symbolizes the different valves closed, the open and the intermediate positions. The valves that control communication system is interrupted or de-energized will, in the block diagram of the different symbols to normal operation
h. For each valve with electric or pneumatic can display real-time status values of the following parameters:

  • limit of valve stroke end reached
  • action sense ( which for is the command)
  • value of valve stroke in percentage from maximum value ( only for the one where this parameter    could be taken over through electrically signal)
  • action coupling value in percentage from maximum value ( only for the one where this parameter could be taken over through electrically signal)

All memorized data could be taken over later through the network or on the physic support for analyzing and processing

The program assures command possibility of regulation valves through process computer or through some pressure values prescribing  which will be automatically maintained by electronically regulator, or prescribing a percentage from valve stroke.

In this structure could be seen that the product could be used with spectacular results or to upgrade an existing technological system point, equipped with different types of valve actuators and process instrumentation, or for the execution of a new technological system point designed to work with same type of instrumentation and equipments, in both cases the interface with HMI operator being performed in the same mode.

Valves check form

Fig. 2. Valves check form

Events report form

Fig. 3. Events report form

Flow meters parameters

Fig. 4. Flow meters parameters

In fig. 2 could be seen valve control form, and in Fig.3 could be seen an events report and the possibility to select a wanted time interval.Fig. 4 presents  information presentation form provided by flow meter.

The manner of technological parameters display could be seen in Fig 5 and Fig 6  present the way of graphic representation for  variation in time of these parameters.
The accessing of different program functions could be done or from the application menu or from contextual medium. Graphic interface has “zoom” and “pan” facilities very useful for the visualization of technological installation configuration.

Technological parameters indicators

Fig. 5. Technological parameters indicators

Graphic of technological parameters evolution analysis.

Fig 6. Graphic of technological parameters evolution analysis.