Monitoring and command control system of a natural gas compressor

One of the most important works developed and implemented in recent years is the system of monitoring and command control of a natural gas compressor stations with compressors, made in 2011, a system that aims to centralize, monitor and control all Data from a compression station units combustion engine operated using natural gas as fuel. Compressor units functional parameters, parameter values in technological facility and warning and alarm signals from the fire detection systems and engine compartments explosive atmosphere, are also monitored and can be, in turn stored and transmitted via the network to a remote monitoring station.

The system consists of two main components independent, ie one for controlling the compression process, and the second aimed at ensuring safety in fire and / or explosion of the station.

The first component monitor parameters essential for normal functioning of the compressor units and electrical equipment serving those states aggregates (valves, fans, chillers, recirculating pumps).

The second component supravegează and continuously monitor the concentration of explosive atmosphere, detects fire in hall compressor units, triggering emergency stop station and depressurization and its isolation for safety thresholds are exceeded or if the stop button is pressed Emergency station, located in the control room.

This part of the control system contains automation equipment with high degree of reliability, certified SIL2. Access to handling or changing the control parameters of taps is conditioned by a password, so are recorded in a database all changes made alongside thresholds are achieved by various technological parameters. The measured values can be viewed in real time or as historical through charts that can be exported as a file and used for subsequent analysis.


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