Explosion proof monitoring and Control System

One of the most important solutions developed by our company was entitled to „EXPLOSION PROOF MONITORING AND CONTROL SYSTEM, DESIGNED FOR NATURAL GAS COMPRESSORS”. The design was patented in 1999 and it ensures safe running of the compressors without the necessity of local human operators. Also the control equipment allows connections to the customer’s higher level supervisory and control system (SCADA).

The prototype of the patent (OSIM RO 116112/1999), realized in 1999, resulted in the complete automation of electric motor or gas engine powered gas compressors of ROMGAZ (Romania’s gas production company). The first system included a local explosion proof control cabinet placed nearby the motor-compressor group, which acquired all the signals and process parameters measured by the transmitters and controls the actuators to maintain the stable operation of the compression unit and the second cabinet, named „GENERAL CONTROL PANEL”, designed to gather all the information received from multiple compression units and to allow a centralized control of the process. At that time the control logic was implemented on a ATMEL 89C52 microcontroller. Using this technical solution there were automated almost 40 gas compression units.

In 2013, relying on the above considerations, the company develops a modern automation system, using advanced control equipment to improve user experience. This system is based on touch panels and programmable logic controllers. The existing INTRANET of the customer can be used as a communication infrastructure in order to remotely control the units.
The main part of the system is the local control panel, designed for explosion hazard area, which allows the operation via an integrated touch panel. The second part is a general control panel designed to monitor and remote control the compression units. The whole system is able to centralize the following information:
◦ process parameters of the compression units
◦ process parameters of the subsystems and the up-, down-stream pipelines
◦ fire and gas detection alarms
◦ intrusion alarms
◦ video surveillance
The attached figure shows a view of the graphical user interface, based on 3D process diagrams. Multiple views of the real installation can be visualized, so the operator has quick access to the key process parameters, thus the supervision and control of the compression units becomes more flexible and safer.